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Who is Your Favorite Fighter?

It certainly isn’t exclusive to MMA, but if you are a fan of a football team, like the Cowboys for example, you are less likely to drop them as your favorite team just because they lost, or even if they have a losing season. I guess in MMA it is a really easy thing to do, change your entire opinion of a fighter once they have lost a fight. In Mixed Martial Arts it is very clear that people on the bandwagon will quickly abandon you if you lose. People love to say “I told you so” when it comes to a fighter losing. Conor losing to Nate, Ronda losing to Holm. How quickly people will share meme when a great fighter suffers a loss.

I am a fan of McGregor so when he lost to Nate Diaz, it wasn’t much for me to see the probable reasons why. Nate is way better on the ground, he is physically bigger, he is way more experienced, and he is tough as can be. Conor fought him hard and was murdering him until the round of his demise. I certainly didn’t drop McGregor as one of my favorite fighters because he suffered a loss to Nate. I know that is part of the fight game. They say styles make fights and they are right. Just because fighter A can beat fighter B nine out of ten times and fighter C has beat fighter A, does not mean fighter C automatically beats fighter B. I don’t want to be confusing but you should get the point. The main thing about this blog is you should appreciate the skill and enjoy the show when rooting for your favorite fighter, don’t let your own ego get in the way just because you were in support of the “loser” in a bout.

Taking into consideration the Rousey vs. Holm fight, the fight had to be seen to be appreciated. Now, the aftermath is the most interesting thing about this fight. There were a lot of “quiet” Ronda haters out there. Well, it could be that these Ronda haters were actually fans that didn’t want to be wrong. You can know MMA news, Martial Arts styles, MMA training techniques, and anything about Martial Arts that you want to, but something that had been obvious before Ronda changed the game was that Judo was not in itself a great base for MMA. Ronda changed all of that. Here aggressive approach included big take-downs and the arm-bars heard around the world. Like I say about most fighters that are confident (borderline arrogant), I may not like them, but they are enjoyable to watch. If it means watching Cael Sonnen take a beating because of all of the things he called an opponent, or Conor McGregor predicting his own dominant victories, it draws curiosity from the fans. Whether you are paying to watch someone win or lose, you are still paying.

To draw the conclusion best suited for this blog, I would say that when a fighter loses, it is easy for our egos to say “I knew it.” But keep in mind that the loyalty you show to a fighter if you truly enjoy their style, should be the same that you show to any other sports team you support. You don’t stop liking the Los Angeles Dodgers because they lose an embarrassing game if you’re a true fan. I have personally always been a BJ Penn fan even though he didn’t end his career on many high notes. So to all of the “fair weather” fans, you were never a fan in the first place. I hope humble Holly reigns as the champion for a long time and I hope Ronda does whatever is necessary to regain the confidence of her true fans.

Fighters Can’t Stay Retired

So Conor was mad one day and announced his retirement. Ronda did the same thing, but it was out of depression. Boxers used to do this all the time, then they would go back and fight again. This seems to be the trend for UFC fighters as well. UFC President Dana White confirmed no final decision has been made about Ronda Rousey’s long-awaited return to the Octagon. Her last fight was a loss to Holly Holm at UFC 193 in November. There have been talks about her coming back, but they hadn’t made a decision yet. There’s a chance she fights to get her belt back this year, but nothing is set in terms of that yet. If she does make a comeback this year then she will get a title shot if she wins.

Her camp promises the best Ronda Rousey that anyone has ever seen.

On Tuesday, Damon Martin of Fox Sports passed along comments Dana White made during an appearance on the UFC Unfiltered podcast. He wouldn’t provide details about her potential comeback fight but noted it wouldn’t happen on the UFC 205 card at Madison Square Garden on Nov. 12, as previously speculated, citing sources, Martin reported there have been discussions about a Rousey return before the end of 2016. He noted they were preliminary talks, however, and nothing has been finalized. It’s still possible she won’t return until next year. Rousey is a superstar and emerged as a dominant force and top UFC draw before she suffered the first loss of her professional career against Holm. With her return we certainly see a fight between Cyborg and her in the future.

This is the fight everyone, including myself, that everyone has been waiting for.

The stars haven’t aligned to date, but now that Cyborg is in the UFC and Ronda is coming back, it looks like a possibility.

While some may have believed the expected hiatus would lessen the pain of defeat, Rousey erased any thought of that earlier this year. Nina Mandell of USA Today noted the former Olympic bronze medalist provided a candid glimpse at her mindset following Holm’s upset while on The Ellen Show in February: “In the medical room, I was down in the corner, I was sitting in the corner and I was like ‘what am I anymore if I’m not this?’ And I was literally sitting there and thinking about killing myself in that exact second, I’m nothing. Like what do I do anymore? And no one gives an crap (altered from a bad word) about me anymore without this.” Crazy how that much pressure can consume your life and make you feel like it is all you have in life.

Now the question is what type of drawing power Rousey will have after her loss and more than a year away from the sport. It’s hard to know whether her comeback attempt will immediately draw mainstream attention or if she’ll need to establish herself all over again. Like mentioned though, a fight with Cyborg would certainly top the PPV charts if they collide in the middle of their primes. She’s been sorely missed by the UFC, which sold last month for $4 billion and is going to need marquee attractions like Rousey to shine in order to prove worth the investment. Again, only time will tell. If it is meant to be, then the UFC will certainly make it happen.