One Video That Sums Up Martial Arts

Jason Wilson is obviously a good instructor. Who is he? He is a martial artist who helped a 9-year-old make a breakthrough, physically and emotionally, when he failed to break a board with his left hand and began to cry. The video from this has gone viral and it shows the boy, Bruce Collins III struggling with the final moments of his initiation test. He has broken a wood board with his right hand, but several attempts to punch through another board with his left have failed. That’s when Wilson gets down on his knee to talk with Bruce at eye level. “I don’t mind you crying. I cry too,” Wilson says. He then tells Bruce “you’re pulling your blow,” perhaps from fear or uncertainty, and encourages the boy to push through the resistance.

“You can do it, you just have to put your mind to it.”~ Jason Wilson

“You can do it, you just have to put your mind to it.” Wilson says as he consoles while still encouraging Collins. That is what a real instructor has the blessing of knowing how to do. They can let someone know that it isn’t easy, but it is possible. The boy goes on to break the board in two. It’s a single board, but it’s symbolic of the hurdles Wilson’s young students will face as they grow up and become men, he told TODAY. “You have to have follow through when you’re facing a barrier in life. You may have a little resistance at the beginning, but go all the way through. Complete the task,” he said. “I wanted him to know, it’s OK to cry, but the key is knowing why you’re crying,” he said. “What that does for a young boy, regardless of his ethnic background, is say, ‘Now I can shake off this false masculinity I’ve been taught, that it’s not human to be this way.”Wilson said he knows too many young men who have been encouraged to choke back their emotions.

The video also includes an exchange with the boy’s father, who was asked to carry his son on his back after performing a series of push-ups. Wilson then slaps the man’s arms with a stick as he continues to hold up his son. He said the exchange is symbolic of the idea that, as a father, “you do not drop and fall, even when things get tough.” Wilson said he’s been encouraged by the response to the video, which takes place athis martial arts academy, where he teaches Musar Ru, or “Discipline of the Spirit.” The style is a combination of Aikijutsu, Brazilian jujitsu, combat boxing and other styles Wilson has studied. “This is an introspective training program. The goal is to create a generation of men who are consciously and spiritually strong enough to navigate through the pressures of this world without succumbing to their emotions,” he said. “We have an opportunity to spread hope and love and free a generation of boys who can finally be emotional. That’s powerful. Do you know the type of men they can grow up to be in society?”

Wilson is the perfect example of what an instructor should be.

Not all instructors deal with kids, and not all instructors that deal with kids do it well. It is a fine line between motivating and discouragement. Not only is Wilson good at encouragement, he made himself vulnerable to these kids. Kids can often see an instructor as a machine, while Wilson shows the students that he is very human with his emotions. Keep doing it right Jason, you’re one of the good ones. The rest of us parents, instructors, and student alike can also learn from this.

a link to the full video is here:

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