Jessica Alba, a Child Martial Arts Expert?

The fact that any actress, who really has no idea what is involved, would make such an unfounded and idiotic comment usually wouldn’t warrant a response from me, but Jessica Alba struck a nerve. I can’t say I was ever a fan, but I never really disliked her either. She was neither here nor there. Now Jessica Alba is the latest actress to go public with her disdain of “violence,” claiming that her daughters, ages 8 and 5, aren’t allowed to watch violent movies, even the ones with her in it. The question isn’t why would anyone let their kids watch R-rated movies, but rather why would they allow them to and not explain the issues as a responsible parent, or have them cover their eyes at the seedy parts? This comment was not the problem however. This was more of a personal choice she makes when it comes to the rearing of her own children.

She didn’t leave well enough alone at that point, Alba then said that she won’t even let her kids see her train Krav Maga. It is proven that women especially benefit from this kind of training so they are less likely to be victims of assault. It also brings balance through fitness and exercise. A reasonably educated person, especially a martial artist, would think Alba would see the benefit of teaching girls self defense. It isn’t necessary, but highly encouraged for all women to have self-defense training, because it is great exercise which keeps you healthy, strong, and confident. What’s bad about modeling that to children?

My son has been in BJJ, wrestling, and Pankration since he was 4. If any kid on the playground should make the mistake of trying to beat down my ten-year-old, he could end that attack and diffuse the situation within seconds with nice takedown and reasonably applied choke. My son has been in a gym literally since he was weeks old. He has sat by my side to watch live Muay Thai fights, countless Pro and Amateur MMA fights, and every other type of competition you can think of. He has trained and competed in several styles including Pankration and wrestling since he was very young.

Guess what, he is the most non-confrontational and least violent kid you will ever meet.

He has actually been punched in the head after beating a very competitive kid in a wrestling match and laughed it off.

I don’t think someone who is as detached from the real world, like a wildly famous Hollywood actress has any idea what the benefits of martial arts training can do for children. Just because you are the type of person who emulates others for a living, doesn’t mean that children are going to make the wrong decision and become violent or traumatized. As a matter of fact, Martial Arts will teach them the opposite. Before someone makes comments like hers, they should be informed and do their research. Hopefully those children are not bullied or encounter a situation later in life in order for Jessica Alba to learn a painful lesson on why Martial Arts helps children, not hurts them. Jessica needs to get a clue.

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