Israel Coronado

Adrenaline Judo Team

  • Adrenaline FC Ashawn Perez sotm-ashawn-perez.jpg

    Ashawn Perez

    Advanced Wrestling

    Ashawn was chosen for SOTM because he has been improving each practice, working out afterwards, and is mastering some more difficult techniques and moves. If he continues to work hard he will become a champion in no time!

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  • Adrenaline FC Esteban Matute sotm-esteban-matute.png

    Esteban Matute


    Congratulations to our Student of the Month Esteban Matute. Esteban has been part of our Judo club for over a year now and has come a long way. He has the heart of a warrior, works hard&is determined! Way to go Esteban!

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  • Adrenaline FC Franky Estrada sotm-franky-estrada.jpg

    Franky Estrada


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  • Adrenaline FC David Yanez davidyanezsotm.jpg

    David Yanez

    Shotokan Karate-Do

    The Student Of The Month is 6 year old David Yanez. David has been a member with Adrenaline for almost a year now. He was chosen because he has shown great improvement in his Shotokan Karate-Do class

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  • Adrenaline FC Andrea Varela sotm-andrea-varela.jpg

    Andrea Varela

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  • Adrenaline FC Justus Stewart sot-justus.jpg

    Justus Stewart


    The Adrenaline Martial Arts&Fitness Student Of The Month: Justus Stewart. Justus Stewart placed 2nd in the Kids World Jiu-Jitsu

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  • Adrenaline FC Isaiah Duran sotm-isaiah-duran.png

    Isaiah Duran

    Advanced Wrestling

    Student of the Month for Advance Wrestling goes to Isaiah Duran. Congratulations your hard work and consistent effort paid off! Isaiah also participates in Judo&Jujitsu perfect recipe for a champion.


  • Adrenaline FC Micaela Alonso micaela-alonso-52.jpg

    Micaela Alonso


    Micaela is an excellent student who is working her way up the ranks. Keep up the good work!

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  • Adrenaline FC Aubrey Hernandez aubrey-hernandez-sotm.jpg

    Aubrey Hernandez


    We are very proud of her efforts and accomplishments, she has been training at Adrenaline for over a year and has taken 1st place at several wrestling tournaments.

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  • Adrenaline FC Andrew and Alex Avelar sotm-andrew-avelar.jpg

    Andrew and Alex Avelar

    Muay Thai and MMA

    Andrew Avelar (left) is our Muay Thai Student of the Month for showing excellent behavior, improvement, and attendance. His brother Alex Avelar is our MMA Student of the Month.

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  • Adrenaline FC Damian Espinoza damian-espinoza-pankration.jpg

    Damian Espinoza

    Pankration November 2014


  • Adrenaline FC Trenton Pagaduan trenton-pagaduan.jpg

    Trenton Pagaduan

    MMA June 2014

    Trenton participates in Muay Thai, Wrestling, Pankration, and Jiujitsu.

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  • Adrenaline FC Diego Alderete diego-alderete.jpg

    Diego Alderete

    Wrestling - February 2014

    Diego Alderete is student of the month for Wrestling. Diego has been training at Adrenaline for over a year and a half. Diego received Student of the Month for competing in wrestling tournaments, having great attendance, and being a great example to the other students. Diego is 6 years old.

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  • Adrenaline FC Giselle Garcia 20131210-170213.jpg

    Giselle Garcia

    Muay Thai - January 2014

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  • Adrenaline FC Juan Carlos Ramirez juancarlosramirez.jpg

    Juan Carlos Ramirez

    Shotokan Karate-Do

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  • Adrenaline FC Mazin Lawrence mazin.jpg

    Mazin Lawrence

    Muay Thai

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  • Adrenaline FC Alex Avelar alexavelar-28.jpg

    Alex Avelar


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  • Adrenaline FC AJ Raya aj-sept-no-gi-66.jpg

    AJ Raya

    Gi and No Gi Expert Divisions

    AJ won the gi and no gi expert divisions in Vegas at the Naga Tournament last Saturday September 8th earning him the NO GI student of the month award for September.

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  • Adrenaline FC Brian Bales sotmjudo820123b.jpg

    Brian Bales


    Class: Judo, Instructor: Ernie Vasquez, Student: Brian Bales, Month: August

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  • Adrenaline FC Joey Enriquez joeyenriquez.jpg

    Joey Enriquez

    MMA, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu and Boxing

    Adrenaline wants to congratulate Joey Enriquez for earning the Student of The Month certificate.

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  • Adrenaline FC Damian Espinoza damianespinoza.jpg

    Damian Espinoza

    Jiu Jitsu

    Damian has competed in wrestling tournaments, is a yellow belt in jiu jitsu, and has a 2-0 record in kickboxing. He is extremely focused and you can see his love for all combat sports. Damian is alway

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  • Adrenaline FC Felipe Deretero and Mark Ventura p-sotm-2012-02-33.png

    Felipe Deretero and Mark Ventura

    Coach David - Both this students have shown tremendous Sportmanship and Discipline. Felipe is always on time and ready to train. Felipe also works just as hard as any other student in my class. Mark Ventura is currently training to compete Amateur USA Boxing.


  • Adrenaline FC Jacob Seay sotm-jacobseay.jpg

    Jacob Seay

    Muay Thai

    I want to congratulate Jacob, for great effort he puts in the gym. Great job Buddy!!!


  • Adrenaline FC Joshua Duke sotm-jduke2.jpg

    Joshua Duke

    Tang Soo Do

    Student of the Month. June 2011. Tang Soo Do.

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  • Adrenaline FC Israel Coronado sotm-icoronado.jpg

    Israel Coronado

    Adrenaline Judo Team

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  • Adrenaline FC George T. Gallardo Jr. gtgallardo-2.jpg

    George T. Gallardo Jr.

    Boxing with Adrenaline Fight Team for 1 year

    Coach David: George is one, if not the hardest working student we have on our team. His dedication is like no other. His heart is like no other. I'm very fortunate to have a student and friend on our

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  • Adrenaline FC Rick Enriquez sotm-r-enriquez.jpg

    Rick Enriquez

    Amateur MMA Fighter- 15yr old- 140lb- Brown belt Tang Soo Do

    Rick has been with Adrenaline for the past 2 years and has competed in many tournaments such as MMA and Jiu Jitsu.

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