Adrenaline Newsletter January 2014

  • Adrenaline FC Adrenaline Hosts NoGi Jiujitsu Tournament and Brings Home Team Trophy  adrenaline-news-201401-coach-chris-kids.pngCoach Chris with the Adrenaline kids

    Adrenaline Hosts NoGi Jiujitsu Tournament and Brings Home Team Trophy

    December 7th was an exciting day for Adrenaline and a host of other teams that attended our Grappler's Challenge NoGi Jiujitsu Tournament. The event saw beginner and advanced competitors between the ages of 5 and 15 years old.

    Teams from CSW in Fullerton, C-Quence Jiujitsu in Redlands/Corona, Candal's MMA in Orange County, and Team Punishment in Huntington Beach came out to show us their skills. We had several highly skilled athletes and even added a couple beginners brackets in order to give competitors new to tournaments a way to get their feet wet in competition.
  • Adrenaline FC Click to Edit Paragraph Title adrenaline-news-201401-nogi-podium.pngFrom left: Isaiah, Xavier, Roman, and Starlina at the Grappler's Challenge Adrenaline showcased some of its best grapplers along with some of the kids that are new to training. We encourage competition for all of our students as it promotes striving to attain a goal. The awards for the tournament were real swords with the Grappler's Challenge Champion on the blade for bracket winners, and swords without the Champion wording for the other placers. We also had a Steel Shield with the All American Fight League Logo to give out to the winning team. Adrenaline earned the honor of being the top team at this tournament, but who knows which team will come out to try and take our Grappler's Challenge Team title?

    We want to thank everyone that came out and say congratulations to all of our competitors. We know how hard it is to take those steps out on the mat and compete.
  • Adrenaline FC Adrenaline Judo Team Attends Winter Nationals  adrenaline-news-201401-coach-ernie.pngFrom left: Coach Ernie, Israel, Rudy, Michael, and Coach Gary

    Adrenaline Judo Team Attends Winter Nationals

    On the same day as our hosted grappling tournament, coaches Gary and Ernie attended the Judo Winter Nationals with some of the Adrenaline Judo Team. The event was held at Azusa Pacific University in Azusa California. Over 80 teams and 583 competitors were in attendance. The San Bernardino Judo Club/Team Adrenaline Judo brought 3 competitors. We walked away with a Gold and Silver medal.
    Rudy Morales from Team Adrenaline took 2nd place for the silver medal in the 73kg male seniors novice division. Michael Grout went 2-2 for the day for 4th place in the 100+kg male seniors novice division. Top honors went to Israel Rodriquez who took home 1st place and the gold medal in the 90+kg non-beginner boys 15-16 year old division. Great job team!
  • Important Dates for Adrenaline Members

    January 1st: Gym Closed for New Year's Day.
    January 5th: Shark Tank Wrestling Tournament in Corona, CA.
    January 11th: California Republic Wrestling Tournament in Lemore, CA.
    January 12th: CAGWA 3G Wrestling Tournament in La Verne, CA.
    January 12th: SCWAY Wrestling Tournament in South Coast, CA.
    January 19th: Battle for the Belt Wrestling Tournament in Temecula CA.
    January 26th: California Super Tournament, CAGWA, site TBA.
    January: CAGWA Wolfpack Wrestling Tournament. Santa Ana, CA
    January 26th: Continental Crown Judo Tournament, Ca.
    January 26th: SCWAY Wrestling Tournament in Hemet, CA.

    Check with gym for boxing and muay thai events. The lists are not yet released at the time of this newsletter.
  • Health Tip of the Month:

    Build Muscle.
    Building muscle causes the body to burn more fat.
    Bodybuilders take extreme supplements and lift very heavy weight on a strict regiment in order to look the way they do, point being, lifting weights and eating right will not turn you into a huge veiny monster!
    Muscle can be built through crossfit style workouts, running, or riding a bike. It doesn't necessarily involve lifting heavy weights.
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