Adrenaline Newsletter December 2013

  • Adrenaline Wrestling Team Making Themselves Known on the National Level

    It has been about 18 months since Adrenaline launched its kids wrestling program. Since its inception, the kids team has hit the ground running. The kids team is the current 2x SPWAAU Champion. That is a local league where the Adrenaline Wrestling Team has won the team plaque at every tournament they have entered as well as won the league finals tournament both times.
  • Adrenaline FC Click to Edit Paragraph Title adrenaline-news-201312-evan-manzo-ricardo-ponce-jr.pngEvan Manzo and Ricardo Ponce Jr. at Freak Show

    Coach Chris Manzo decided that it was time to give the team a more difficult test. With Ricardo Ponce Jr. winning the CAGWA/USA wrestling national tournament and then winning the SCWAY State Tournament, Adrenaline knew that they could compete at a high level so the team was registered for the World Challenge in Clovis, California. 

    After a good showing at the World Challenge, several of the wrestlers from Adrenaline grabbed the attention of the Team Megatron California coach. Coach Sedrick, was in charge of putting together a top level team to represent California at the upcoming super tournament called Megatron in Phoenix Arizona. Eleven members of the Adrenaline Wrestling Team were taken to Phoenix Arizona by California Megatron with all expenses paid. Almost everyone on the team placed but Evan Manzo and Ruben Miranda ended up with wins in tough divisions at that tournament.

  • Adrenaline FC Click to Edit Paragraph Title adrenaline-news-201312ruben-miranda.pngRuben Miranda At Megatron Phoenix

    Exactly one week later, wrestling was starting at one of the biggest tournaments in the nation at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada. The Southwest Kickoff Classic, or better known as the Freak Show of wrestling due to the extreme difficulty it takes to win this tournament, is notorious for having the best wrestlers in the United States compete.

    It was apparent from the Friday night weigh-ins that this tournament was going to be showcasing the cream-of-the-crop in American wrestling. Saturday began day one of wrestling which carried several of the Adrenaline wrestlers into the next day of medal rounds.

    Among those who went undefeated the first day was Evan Manzo. The son of coach Chris Manzo. Evan had already pinned the 2x returning Freak Show champion to take over his seed in the first round of the tournament. Two more impressive victories meant that Evan was now in the finals match with the number one seeded wrestler in the tournament Zao Estrada, who was ranked number 3 in the nation and trains out of Colorado.

    It was clear by the first round, with Evan up two to zero, that Evan was well within the driver's seat to win the forty-nine pound seven and eight year old division. Evan started off the second round and caught Zao in a cow-catcher half nelson and finished with the pin! Evan was now the new Freak Show Champion.

    Evan's coach/father and teammates were more than thrilled for Evan, the new champion. Great job to the team and Adrenaline is proud to be recognized on the national level now. We will continue to make great wrestlers, but more importantly, we will strive to help these kids become good people.

  • Important Dates for Adrenaline Members

    December 1st: CAGWA Stronghold Wrestling Tournament. Lake Elsinore, CA
    December 7th: Adrenaline Kid's Grappling Tournament. Adrenaline Combat Sports & Fitness.
    December 7th: Winter Nationals Judo Tournament. Azusa, CA.
    December 8th: CAGWA Pounders Wrestling Tournament. Rowland Heights, CA.
    December 14th: Adrenaline Ranking Day!!! Adrenaline Combat Sports & Fitness.
    December 15th: CAGWA Grarppler's Wrestling Tournament. Covina, CA
    December 21st: Adrenaline Christmas Pot Luck Party.
    December 22nd: CAGWA Wolfpack Wrestling Tournament. Santa Ana, CA
    December 29th: Elite 8 Wrestling Tournament. Bakersfield, CA

    Gym will be closed 12/24-12/25 and 12/31-1/1 so that our staff can enjoy time with their families.
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  • Adrenaline FC Health Tip of the Month:  adrenaline-news-201312-breakfast.png

    Health Tip of the Month:

    Eat Breakfast.

    Benefits of eating breakfast within 1 hour of waking up include:
    Kickstart to your metabolism so that you burn calories throughout the day.
    Stimulation of your systems including brain function. Gives needed energy so that you can perform physical tasks better.

  • Adrenaline Combat Sports & Fitness cares about your health and safety. It is not recommended that you begin any diet or exercise program before consulting a physician. In most cases diet and exercise will be a great way to improve your overall health, but there are exceptions. Please, before you start any program, consult a doctor. We will be happy to help you, but we want to make sure it's the best thing for you first!