Adrenaline Issue 5 - May 22, 2012

  • Adrenaline A-Team Wins State Pankration Tourney

    So we decided to take a stacked team comprised of our very own Adrenaline Students to the State Pankration Tournament in Laguna Hills April 29th. It would seem that a team going to a tournament of this size, with a "loose" knowledge of the actual rules, would not have a chance to win that many matches. Well, we won the entire tournament. Not only did we win, but we ended up with 5 first-place winners. We scored a team total of 216 points. What was second places team total? 145.

    As a coach, I am proud of the efforts of every member of the team. Tyler, Joey, Jimmie, Anthony, Julian, Mikey, Ruben, AJ, Peanut, Jacob S., Haiden, Jacob P., Damian, Korey, Sammy, and Xander.

    This has been by far, the greatest team accomplishment by our Adrenaline Kid's A-Team Fighters. We followed up the victory with a team win at the AAU Tournament in Yucaipa. Our next big adventure is going to be at the Jiujitsu Worlds in Riverside. We plan on taking the team No-Gi title. Let's get ready for some hard work and determination because it is about to go down in July!!!

  • Standing: Coach Brady (Left in photo), Coach Chris
    Top Row from Left: Julian Guillen, Antohony Guillen, Ruben Miranda, Joseph Enriquez, Tyler Randles, Jimmie McCary
    Middle: Mikey Ornelas, Peanut Miranda, AJ Raya, Jacob Seay, Damian Espinoza
    Bottom: Haiden Gonzalez, Xander Vasquez, Sammy Mendoza, Korey Mendoza
  • Tips of the week

    Learn how to wrap your hands properly. You can practice while you are sitting down watching T.V. or riding in a car. Leaning this valuable skill now will save you a lot of pain in the future.

    If you need to know the proper way, it never hurts to ask one of your coaches or one of the fighters that have been doing this for a long time.

  • Did you know???

    Wrestling is the hardest cardiovascular activity on the planet.

    You use every muscle in your body when you wrestle and the exercise is intense and constant.

    The second most demanding activity is water polo...

    Wrestling is one of the oldest sports in history with documentation from Ancient Greece.

    Dan Gable is considered the best wrestler to ever live.

    Check google and youtube for info.